Thursday, July 7, 2016

And so it begins....

After four years of dipping our toes into the 49er FX fleet, we have finally got our show on the road.
We set out last Sunday from Seattle and drove down the coast to San Francisco based on the promise of a boat and breeze. Happy to say the Bay delivered.

Our west coast car, an aging Ford Ranger named Franz, protested through the mountains and around sharp corners but made it safely to Tiburon in good time. Thank you to our Bay Area hosts, the Moody family for your wonderful hospitality. 

The next morning we headed to Richmond Yacht Club to find our boat and Chad. Chad, along with the Skiff Sailing Foundation, is like the fairy god mother of skiffs, and he's been granting our wishes left and right. He hooked us up with a sweet ride and after a day of rigging we got on the water for what we came for: the breeze and waves of San Francisco Bay. We were not prepared.

Day one on the water of our west coast adventure was spent mostly upside-down in the channel. On the plus side we didn't get run over by any barges, all boat parts are in one piece, and we were still smiling coming into the dock. We also got in a pretty sweet run before all the flipping.

On day two The Bay was much gentler to us. We spent the morning tracking down the perfect line for a new main sheet (the one we had on the boat was short and a probable cause of the previous day's upside-down adventures). We found it at Easom Rigging and could not be happier with the line or the guys at Easom. If you are in the area and in need of rigging wisdom, those guys can hook you up. Day two also brought our first race of the summer, Richmond Yacht Club's Wednesday night Beercan race.  And we won! woohoo! With a little bit less breeze than the day before our evening race was the kind of sail that keeps us coming back for more. Thank you so much to Richmond Yacht Club for letting us join your series, we had an awesome time and are feeling so welcomed by everyone at the club. Also, thank you for the bottle of wine trophy and thank you to all our new friends who helped us drink it! We have a few more days here in the Bay before heading up to the Columbia River Gorge for the first stop on US Sailing's Summer Skiff Tour but we will be back.

We are looking forward to all the big air practice to come!
Send it,
Kate and Caroline

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