Thursday, July 7, 2016

And on the third day in Richmond the Skiff Sailing Foundation gave to me....

   A trailer so we can get ourselves and the boat to the next adventure!
a nice day for a picnic in the (boat) park

After some boat work (and breakfast) in the boatyard this morning we got on the water for a short sail in what started out as big breeze. We are feeling better and better in the heavy air and spent a lot of time today focusing on heavy air maneuvers with circle drills and figure eight drills. We also logged a good bit of straight line time working on our steering through waves.

As the wind tapered off we came in and got to planning the next step of Operation West Coast Adventure: getting everything to the Colombia River Gorge. Once again, the Skiff Sailing Foundation is helping us out, this time with a trailer. A couple other skiffs are making the pilgrimage to the Gorge with us on Saturday, so we opted for a big trailer designed for a Marstrom32 and retrofitted with some very high tech 2x4s. Thank you to David Liebenberg and James Clappier for really getting that project going, including replacing all the trailer lights and wires. Tomorrow is our last day in The Bay for a while but we will be back. In the mean time we are looking forward to road trip shenanigans and great sailing with great people in the Gorge.

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